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Why are younger generations not buying houses?

By Jaedri Wood When a person graduates from college and finds a reliable job, the (seemingly) next logical step would be to take the leap and buy a home. While this may have been the case for the baby boomers, it does not hold true for millennials and younger generations. The Urban Institute reports that today’s young adults are less likely to own a home compared to baby boomers and Gen Xers...

Team Spotlight

Team Member Spotlight: Meet Damion

Damion lives by his positive attitude and humble personality. The best advice he has ever gotten is “Judge not, least ye be judged.”  Damion does not believe “everything happens for a reason”, but he believes in making the best of the current situation. When Damion was in college he worked on an initiative where an update was made to a financial system to begin tracking cost basis when...

Industry Insight

PhoenixTeam’s Three Pillars to Successfully Implementing Salesforce

Pillar 3: The Right Talent PhoenixTeam introduced two of our three pillars to a successful Salesforce implementation: The Right Strategy and The Right Process. Once you have a good handle on the key components for defining the right strategy and you have aligned on the right process, it is time to turn your attention to the resources and skillsets you need to deliver Salesforce and delight...

Phoenix Thoughts

Waiting for our Pre-COVID World to Return will be the Death of Innovation

By Jaedri Wood Now that we have passed the one-year mark since the COVID-19 pandemic began, posts ‘from this day one year ago’ have surfaced  on social media—bringing back the nostalgia of our “normal” lives. While some may wish for their personal livelihoods to return, the pandemic presents an opportunity to embrace and adapt to change and how we serve our clients. Although we have had to...

Soul Coffee

The Rise in Racism Towards the Asian Community as a Result of the COVID-19 Pandemic

By: Haleigh C. Pannell The Asian American, Pacific Islander, and larger Asian community is a diverse group of cultures. Unfortunately, the community is not often treated with the respect it deserves. Racism towards the Asian community has existed long before COVID-19, but violent and hateful acts have drastically increased in the past year since the pandemic began. Why? Ignorance. Hatred....

Team Spotlight

Team Member Spotlight: Meet Kelli

If Kelli won the lottery, the first thing she would do is buy a house on the beach in South Carolina so she could wear flip flops every day while driving to the beach in her golf cart. Kelli was drawn to PhoenixTeam, after one of her coworkers had spoken so highly of the company. Kelli had been previously working for a company where her work life was absorbing all her personal life....

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PhoenixTeam’s Three Pillars to Successfully Implementing Salesforce

Pillar 2: Defining the Right Process PhoenixTeam recently introduced the first of our three pillars to a successful Salesforce implementation: The Right Strategy. A strong strategy and a mutual understanding on the strategy sets the stage, the “what” and “why” for the implementation. Once we have the right strategy, it is time to put that strategy to work.  Allow us to share how we put...

Team Spotlight

Team Member Spotlight: Meet Austin

Austin spent his middle grade school years living in Australia. His mortgage career began while he was still in college. He is thrilled to be working at The PhoenixTeam where his efforts are leading to improve technology experiences for the VA homebuying experience. “My favorite thing about PhoenixTeam is the comradery with other team members-Everyone is always willing to help or assist and...

Industry Insight

PhoenixTeam’s Three Pillars to Successfully Implementing Salesforce

Pillar 1: The Right Strategy As Consultants, we see many organizations embarking on a Salesforce implementation or have one in process. In most instances we see similar themes in the strategy for implementing a world class CRM - better customer experience, increased sales pipelines, automation of team member or customer activities. However, the difference is that we are more centered around...

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