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Team Member Spotlight: Meet Jennifer

Meet Jennifer Drahota, who has dreams of someday writing and publishing her own book. Although she has not figured out what it is going to be about, but she is sure that it will involve tidbits from her crazy and rewarding personal and professional experience. She is taking notes along the way. ‘Quit focusing so much on everything around yourself instead of what is right in front of you....

Phoenix Thoughts

How to be LEAN While Working Remotely

By Jaedri Wood When you hear the term “LEAN Principles” you likely think of Henry Ford and Edward Demming—two of the most well-known figures in LEAN history. LEAN has been around since the 1450’s but it wasn’t until the early to mid-1900’s when Ford, then Toyota, began putting the concepts into large-scale practice. The LEAN principles of minimizing waste while maximizing value have changed...

Team Spotlight

Team Member Spotlight: Meet Saugat

If Saugat could give his younger self sage advice it would be “There is no course that teaches you money and time management, mental health, self-love, self-confidence, and acts of kindness, but it is the most important knowledge you will ever need”. Saugat’s perfect day is a day spent with family. It was a pleasure for him when he began working for PhoenixTeam that he immediately felt like...

Phoenix IDEA

PhoenixTeam is continuously I.D.E.A.-ing

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access, also known as I.D.E.A., are the elements that make up the foundation of who we are at PhoenixTeam. We are all about continuously investing in our team members and their growth and this certainly includes our commitment to I.D.E.A. Just as we do with our client engagements, we leverage our agile mindset on all things I.D.E.A. Through the implementation...

Phoenix Thoughts

The Importance of Continuous Learning for Team Members

By Jaedri Wood When reading through a job application, the first question that comes to mind is “Do I fulfill the requirements?” This is a reasonable question, but job seekers tend to forget the other side of the requirement coin: “Does the employer/ organization fulfill my requirements as well?” Searching for the right job to fit your career goals is a tireless effort, especially in today’s...

Team Spotlight

Team Member Spotlight: Meet Katie

Katie describes herself as fun loving, loyal, adaptable a bit of a people pleaser, slightly stubborn and loves making friends. If you missed information at a company meeting, don’t worry, she has an intense long-term memory and can recall discussions and decisions made years later. She is passionate about everything! She puts passion behind everything she does, which is driven by the desire...

Phoenix Thoughts

Why are younger generations not buying houses?

By Jaedri Wood When a person graduates from college and finds a reliable job, the (seemingly) next logical step would be to take the leap and buy a home. While this may have been the case for the baby boomers, it does not hold true for millennials and younger generations. The Urban Institute reports that today’s young adults are less likely to own a home compared to baby boomers and Gen Xers...

Team Spotlight

Team Member Spotlight: Meet Damion

Damion lives by his positive attitude and humble personality. The best advice he has ever gotten is “Judge not, least ye be judged.”  Damion does not believe “everything happens for a reason”, but he believes in making the best of the current situation. When Damion was in college he worked on an initiative where an update was made to a financial system to begin tracking cost basis when...

Industry Insight

PhoenixTeam’s Three Pillars to Successfully Implementing Salesforce

Pillar 3: The Right Talent PhoenixTeam introduced two of our three pillars to a successful Salesforce implementation: The Right Strategy and The Right Process. Once you have a good handle on the key components for defining the right strategy and you have aligned on the right process, it is time to turn your attention to the resources and skillsets you need to deliver Salesforce and delight...

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