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The Phoenix Effect

Attention to detail. Decisiveness. Shared risk. These are just a few of the key ingredients in our services. Unlike your ordinary management consulting company, we specialize in one thing – mortgage technology, and we do it better than literally any other company on earth. How can we be so sure? Every single one of our practitioners:

• Not only knows mortgage but also specializes in a particular area.

• Has taken mortgage technology solutions to production, many in leadership roles.

• Has specialized training in The Phoenix Way and all the skills, methods, tools, and techniques that we have honed over more than 20 years in the housing market.

• Chose PhoenixTeam to be able to deliver results, unconstrained by bureaucracy and without fear of having an unpopular opinion.

Our Key Disciplines

Product Management

We are experts in discovering and validating new opportunities quickly and abandoning bad ideas even faster. Whether we are helping clients expand their Salesforce product capabilities, enhance existing products, or discover the fit of net new transformational offerings, we focus on value all the way and help our clients do the same.


  • Agile discovery and value realization

  • Product market fit analysis

  • Product Vision and Roadmap

  • Product Objectives and Key Results

  • Product value definition and metrics

  • Backlog refinement

PhoenixTeam’s Product Managers’ vision, determination and ego-free leadership style have us on track to deliver an amazing product that will change digital mortgage forever.

Complex Salesforce Product Expansion | Executive | Top Mortgage Lender

Engineering and Analytics

We are experts in digging deep into and developing complex code and analytics. We guide our clients on how to develop and deploy small, iterative, chunks of value fast and error free. 


  • Data Mapping Analysis

  • Business Conditionality

  • Transformation Logic

The value PhoenixTeam brings to every level of Technology Architecture is almost irreplaceable. They have earned our trust to handle our biggest and most impactful initiatives and have truly become members of the team. PhoenixTeam has made a huge impact at our organization, helping deliver a number of key initiatives and steering our technology strategy in the right direction.

Technology Redesign | Senior Managing Director | Top Mortgage Lender

Quality Management

No code is good code if it does not work as expected. Our experts educate and lead our clients to understand the value of early and often testing, particularly, complex end-to-end testing.


  • Test Case Development

  • Test Strategy and Plan Creation

  • Test Plan Execution

  • End-to-End Testing Leadership

  • Production Issue Management and Resolution

There are a few things about PhoenixTeam that stand out to me that deserve focused recognition: small organization with dedicated touch points, clear path for areas of responsibility within the organization, sincere empathy, follow through, expertise…I would like to point out that PhoenixTeam has not only been a business partner but also a great friend. Aside from the work always getting done there have been a lot of laughs along the way which is sometimes just as valuable as the work itself.

Testing Leadership and Execution | Lead Management and Program Analyst | USDA

Training and Coaching

We are experts in creating and delivering custom training materials and content to ensure that the end users have a complete and comprehensive understanding of the new product and its value.


  • Training Strategy and Plan Creation

  • Custom Training Delivery

  • Custom Training Documentation

  • Facilitation and Advisory Support

PhoenixTeam’s Scaled Value Delivery Training gave us a guide that fostered collaboration, objective outcomes, and diversity of thoughts.

Value Focused Training | Sr. Director of Business Strategy | Top Mortgage Lender

Implementation and Project Management

It’s all about execution! We are experts in using innovative Agile approaches to implement value, and attain adoption, even on complex Salesforce implementations. We do this with assured quality and certainty.  


  • Implementation Schedule Plan and Management

  • Lender Engagement Communication and Support

  • Executive Communication

  • RAID Log Management

  • Blocker Management

PhoenixTeam played a big role in my plans to reimagine our team. Their support with long overdue production, workflow, business metrics and visibility is a huge step to get us closer to our goals.

Complex Salesforce Implementation | Vice President | Top Mortgage Lender

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