Solution Architect

A solution architect brings business and technology together to bridge the gap between the present and the future. They discover, ideate, design, and guide engineering teams through the development process to bring large initiatives to life.

Key Job Functions

  • Collaborate with business and technology leaders on solutions that deliver value
  • Visualize solutions through architecture and flow diagrams
  • Work with product and project managers to set achievable milestones
  • Ability to design an iterative approach to solutions to provide value over time
  • Ability to mentor, support, and grow architecture and engineering team members


  •  7+ years of experience developing software applications in a team environment
  •  Experience with variety of languages and development patterns
  •  Experience with software architecture patterns and event-driven systems
  • Team oriented; collaborates well with team members as well as clients
  •  Excellent communication skills, both through written and verbal channels.
  •  Ability to communicate with the technical lead / engineering manager progress and expectations of assigned deliverables
  •  Understanding and application of Agile software development lifecycle

Preferred Skills

  •  AWS/Cloud Expertise or Certifications
  • Salesforce Development and Architecture
  • Data Architect expert