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The Phoenix Effect

Attention to detail. Decisiveness. Shared risk. These are just a few of the key ingredients in our services. Unlike your ordinary management consulting company, we specialize in one thing – mortgage technology, and we do it better than literally any other company on earth. How can we be so sure? Every single one of our employees:

• Not only knows mortgage but also specializes in a particular area.

• Has taken mortgage technology solutions to production, many in leadership roles.

• Has specialized training in The Phoenix Way and all the skills, methods, tools, and techniques that we have honed over more than 20 years in the housing market.

• Chose PhoenixTeam to be able to deliver results, unconstrained by bureaucracy and without fear of having an unpopular opinion.

Our Key Services

Business Process Engineering

Mortgage technology would be easy if nothing ever changed.

So often, you pay your typical consulting company to come and learn your process, ask you about all your problems, ask you how you could do things better, and write it all up in a useless deck.

Not us. We know mortgage, and we know process engineering. Don’t waste your money “getting up to speed.” Spend money to achieve an outcome.

With finely honed facilitation tools and techniques, we promise we’ll do it better. Faster. For less.


  • Analyze current state
  • Determine customer needs, system weaknesses, and unmet business needs
  • Envision the target state
  • Incorporate best practices
  • Adapt new technology

Agile Project & Product Management

Who doesn’t “do agile” these days?

With certifications and training programs easily available on the internet, everybody can “do agile.” Unfortunately, a simple scrum approach to solution delivery is like a unicorn – you think you know exactly what it looks like, yet it eludes your grasp.

Agile is a switch, not a dial. You don’t do agile, and implementing a scrum approach won’t be any better than waterfall, if you neglect the fundamental cultural transformation required to see benefits of a more nimble delivery approach. 


  • Hands-on planning
  • Problem resolution
  • Launch support
  • Full lifecycle product guidance through post-production operations

Solution Design & Implementation

It’s easy to get lost in all the “detailed requirements” and searching for that perfect specification that will answer every question and eliminate the need to have conversation and collaboration. It’s a myth.

By the time you have a perfect spec, the requirements changed – especially in mortgage. Or worse, we wait until the end of the project – sometimes known as user acceptance – and the users hate it.

This is just one of the common and avoidable pitfalls of mortgage solution implementation, and one of the many ways good projects go bad. We love the big, hairy, ugly projects. We eat them for lunch.


  • Build and lead functional solution teams
  • Understand customer requirements and create user stories
  • Collaborate with development teams
  • Validate software quality
  • Create outcomes focused on customer value

Facilitation & Advisory Support

How many meetings do you have that start late, fail to produce a written result, or defer decisions to the next meeting? How many pre-meetings did you have today? Was there an agenda? Were there 25 people on a 30-minute call that started seven minutes late? We feel you. That’s not us.

Subject matter expertise, confidence, inherent capability, training, and focus. This is the difference between an exceptional facilitator, and the meeting madness that consumes so many of our competitors and customers.

Let us help you transform your solution delivery culture, starting with the basics.


  • Facilitate diverse groups of people
  • Achieve time-boxed results
  • Support customer innovation by eliciting and elevating important ideas
  • Provide experience-based mortgage technology expertise

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