Our Values

The Phoenix Way

What is the Phoenix Way? On every project, we seek to:

• Teach a few things

• Learn a few things

• Make some money

• Create a quality product that is perceived as a quality product

• Have fun

Our Values



We treat our work as a creation. We have and respect a creative process. We invest our gray matter in the works we create for our customers. We collaborate with each other, with our customers, and with our customers’ partners.


Value Our Time.

We expect meetings to be short, on point, and with an agenda. We expect appointments and meetings to start on time and end on time.


Honor Our Commitments.

We keep promises. We meet schedules. We own our results.


Deliver a Quality Product.

We sweat the small stuff. Our work is a science and an art. We deliver a polished result, every time, no matter the size of the task. Quality matters. Quality is a decision.


Depend on Each Other.

We rely on each other to find our errors and to share information, experience, expertise, and institutional knowledge we have as individuals. We expect those we work with to keep us out of harm’s way. We are a team.


Help Each Other.

We expect those we work with to fix our errors and to add value to the results of any individual effort. We expect to cover for those who are sick, stretched, weak, fragile, on vacation, in training, or in trouble.


We Are Customer-Focused.

We think about the customers’ desired outcomes and align our work to what they need. We avoid overpowering the customer. We listen. We incorporate our customers’ culture, colors, and style into our work.


We Add Value, Knowledge, and Insight.

We seek to add value to all we do. We measure each other by what we contribute. We provide immediate, specific feedback on effectiveness. Everybody works.

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