PhoenixTeam Announces 2022 Annual Company Award Winners!

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PhoenixTeam continues to set industry standards for enabling homeownership through technology. We partner with federal and commercial clients to bring innovative, meaningful, and efficient mortgage technology products to customers and our success is directly attributed to the incredible Phoenicians committed to bringing joy and purpose to software development. PhoenixTeam’s Annual Awards recognize the team members who exemplify the qualities of top-tier tech talent. Read on to learn more about our awards and winners!  

Phoenix’s awards are categorized as follows:  

  • Company-Wide Awards recognize the leaders who had profound impact on their team members, community, and industry. 
  • Account Awards celebrate the team members who created immeasurable value for their clients. 
  • Value Awards recognize the team members who best exemplify PhoenixTeam values: service, lifetime learning, diversity, impact, wellness, and entrepreneurialism. 
  • Continuous Service Awards honor team members who have committed to providing joy and purpose in software for over five years. 

Join PhoenixTeam in celebrating the following winners! 

Company-Wide Awards 

Peter Read, Managing Practitioner and SAFe Agilist and Scrum Master, is PhoenixTeam’s 2022 Leader of the Year. Peter joined PhoenixTeam in October 2018 and has since redefined what it means to lead the Phoenix Way through coaching, facilitation, and driving unparalleled results to our clients. “Peter leads flawlessly and always comes with positive energy. He always looks out for his team and continuously fights and works for their growth. Most importantly, he is a transparent, empathetic, and trustworthy leader to rely on.” 

Saugat Kandel, Senior Practitioner and SAFe savant, is Buddy of the Year. Saugat is the Phoenician who reminds us to just keep swimming and how to keep our heads above water. Since joining the company in the fall of 2019, he has proven to be an authentic and trustworthy team member who finds new ways to support and deliver value to team members and clients alike. “Saugat promotes teamwork by consistently encouraging teammates to speak up during all meetings. He is always available when I need to talk, even when it is not project related. I know without a doubt Saugat has my back in any meeting.” 

Becky Griswold, Managing Director and Certified MISMO Standards Professional (CMSP), is PhoenixTeam’s 2022 Most Valuable Phoenician (MVP). She is the model Phoenician who does it all. When asked of her superpower, the 2022 MVP answered simply, “Execute.” Becky supports and drives organizational growth while motivating her team and making every day as a Phoenician count. “Becky is a multi-tasking wizard with a photographic memory that manages to be empathetic yet quirky. She pushes you outside of your comfort zone with her unwavering confidence in your abilities and jumps in to help whenever she feels like you need it most because she ALWAYS has your back.” 

Account Awards 

Account Most Valuable Phoenician (AMVP) recognizes the Most Valuable Phoenician by team. These individuals bring positivity and energy to challenging days, showcase resiliency and leadership, and jump into action like it is second nature. They are recognized by their client and/or team as having the greatest impact on the desired outcomes. 

Rebecca Campbell, marketing and design master, is a creative genius who loves to ideate and collaboratively brainstorm on brand awareness. An incredible asset to the Phoenix Village and one of 2022’s AMVPs, Rebecca specializes in the efficient and excellent delivery of visual materials for PhoenixTeam. “Rebecca has singlehandedly set a new standard for PhoenixTeam. She ensures we deliver the highest-quality media and content to our clients, socials, and internal channels.” 

Robert Smith joined PhoenixTeam in the fall of 2020 and is recognized as a 2022 AMVP. Rob, a Senior Practitioner, Agile Coach and Certified LeSS Practitioner, is the founder and leader of PhoenixTeam’s Agile Community of Practice (CoP). He elicits results and proves that agile coaching done right and well, can deliver lasting impact for clients and team members. “Starting from Day 1, Rob improved the discovery and delivery processes of the client. The CEO said that they are finally able to get back to the “fun” part of building the product because Rob was able to get the team to deliver on the basic stuff they had been struggling with for many months.” 

Josh Bell joined PhoenixTeam two years ago and serves as Managing Practitioner. He has shown unwavering resiliency, innovation, and leadership as a 2022 AMVP. “Josh checks all the boxes of what we want for [client] team members. He is productive, client-focused, and a great teammate. He is always looking for ways to improve the product and is constantly doing research to learn new services and explore new technologies.” 

Gary Klein, Senior Practitioner and PhoenixTeam’s first CMSP, is a problem-solver by nature and trade. As a SAFe specialist, Gary has provided a strategy to every industry obstacle, earning recognition as one of this year’s AMVPs. “Gary does his homework, is a master at eliciting requirements, delivers with the utmost quality and on time (often early).  He typically knows the client’s product or technology better than the client and, in turn, gains their implicit trust.” 

Chase Carpenter, Managing Practitioner and SAFe Product Owner and Manager, is one of our earliest Phoenicians, joining us in 2017. A solutioning superstar, we recognize Chase as a 2022 AMVP for his ability to connect with our clients, uncover core problems, and create meaningful solutions that drive greater efficiency and joy for end users. “Every day, Chase negotiates win-win solutions for business and technology, overcomes objections, and does it all with the respect and admiration of his teammates.”  

Sara Ciffa joined PhoenixTeam one year ago and has made every day as a PhoenixTeam Senior Practitioner count. A Certified LeSS Practitioner and SAFe Product Owner and Manager, Sara is a 2022 AMVP for her ability to influence her team and client, and expert handling of products and disciplines. “Working with Sara is a pleasure, as is she as a person. I rely on her greatly, both to inspire the team and to carry a major and complex load herself.” 

Kamsala Baskaradoss, Senior Practitioner and analytics and solutioning superstar, has mastered the ability to connect humanity to technology and understand specific think patterns, strengths, and opportunities. Her industry experience has made her a valued and trusted ally for the client, well deserving of her recognition as a 2022 AMVP. “Kamsala has won over everyone on the team with her invaluable work to the client and team.” 

Customer Centric Awards 

Customer Centric Awards recognize the Phoenicians who ensure the value delivered to our clients is top quality, with a specific focus on end-user efficiency and delight. These individuals build strategic relationships, think on their feet, and are methodical in their approach to solving the most challenging customer problems. 

Caroline Qureshi, Salesforce superstar, builds strong personal and work relationships with everyone she meets across business, product, and technology, from executive to end-user to junior engineer, she is a Customer Centric award-winner. She is especially a favorite of the client, getting to know them beyond superficial levels and taking time to understand and empathize with their needs and struggles on the job. Caroline is incredibly passionate about her work and when the need arises, she will fight to ensure we are building products that bring joy to our users.” 

Pamela Beck-Janssen is a solution-seeker who transcends restrictive boundaries and silos, establishes rapport with experts as a trusted and experienced advisor, and bridges gaps between technologists, product managers, and end users. Beck-Janssen is recognized as a 2022 Customer Centric award winner. “Pam is the embodiment of every trait Phoenicians hold dear. She always puts the customer first and is a huge asset to the project and deserves to be recognized.” 

Kelli Deinarowicz, Senior Practitioner, is a pro at juggling multiple projects and utilizing her skillset in integrations and project management to deliver lightning-fast results to clients. A requirements mastermind, Kelli makes the hardest efforts seem achievable and brings solutions to life. “The hard work and dedication Kelli has given to mastering the world of the client is inspiring. They praise her work and opinions because she is a true superstar and does a fantastic job of influencing and persuading the client.” 

Value Awards 

Value Awards recognize the team members who best exemplify PhoenixTeam values: service, lifetime learning, diversity, impact, wellness, and entrepreneurialism.  

Donna Fell is recognized as the Phoenician who gives back to our clients, team, and community. Donna, Senior Analyst and SAFe Agilist, is the 2022 Value award winner for Service. “Donna always participates in PhoenixTeam philanthropic efforts and goes beyond her community by serving our team members through servant leadership.” 

Rhea Edwards, Senior Practitioner and Salesforce wiz, is the Lifetime Learning honoree. Rhea seeks to improve mentally, physically, emotionally, and professionally. She puts learnings into practice and shares what she learns with others. “Rhea’s hunger to learn is inspiring. She is constantly sharing her new findings in the spirit of growth, as individuals and as a village.” 

Haleigh Pannell is PhoenixTeam’s Diversity award winner for her commitment to celebrating every person and their uniqueness. Haleigh, a Senior Analyst, leads and drives our I.D.E.A. vision, promotes vulnerability and encourages difficult conversations. “Haleigh makes PhoenixTeam a workplace that exemplifies inclusion, diversity, equity, and access. Her work as an ally and advocate ensures team members not only understand, but apply the value of diversity.” 

Nate Pierce, Senior Practitioner, is recognized as the Phoenician who operates with an impact-oriented mindset. As PhoenixTeam’s 2022 Impact award winner, Nate consistently impacts the outcomes, positively impacts team members, and imparts long-lasting value to our organization and clients. “I don’t know how he does it – but Nate always delivers and leaves his mark. And he does it all with a great attitude and a laugh, which makes working with him an absolute pleasure.” 

Amanda Weakley is the founder and lead of Phoenix’s Mental Health ERG and demonstrates the behaviors necessary to take wellness beyond physical health—as without a good mind, body, and spirit, you are only part of your best self. Amanda, Operations Analyst, is PhoenixTeam’s 2022 Wellness award winner. “The day that Amanda joined our team I could see her mission to make PhoenixTeam a space where all feel safe and supported in their mental health and overall wellness.” 

Daniel Dennis, Senior Practitioner and Salesforce genius, is recognized as the Phoenician who unequivocally contributes to the growth and development of the Phoenix Village as the 2022 Entrepreneurialism award winner. Whether bringing in new business, expanding our footprint with existing clients, or delivering creative ideas to grow our internal practices, Daniel is always thinking ten miles down the road to ensure that Phoenix is the premier place to work and a technology partner. “Daniel stands out as an entrepreneurialism superstar. He has independently fostered relationships with account executives and as a result has identified a high odds opportunity for an engagement with a federal government agency. 

Five Years of Service 

PhoenixTeam thanks the following team members for their continued commitment to delivering value, the Phoenix Way.  

Chase Carpenter, Managing Practitioner 

Jacki Frazer, Managing Practitioner 

Nate Pierce, Senior Practitioner 

Cindy Larsen, Internal Operations 

About PhoenixTeam 

PhoenixTeam is a technology company that specializes exclusively in the design, delivery, and care of mortgage technology solution in the federal and commercial spaces. Our dream is to enable affordable and accessible homeownership for all Americans through customer-centric technology solutions. We believe that by bringing joy and purpose back to software development, while bridging the gap between technology and business teams, we can really make a difference in the lives of clients and homeowners everywhere. PhoenixTeam is a woman and minority-owned small business headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.