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If there was a definition of ‘Top Tier Technology Talent’, the Phoenix Practitioner would be right there. As a 100% remote company, with our talent spread across the country, we are the best at dividing and conquering to achieve our client’s desired outcomes. Our Practitioners have a rare combination of domain specific expertise, management and leadership ability. Our cross-functional, multifaceted, learning obsessed culture allows us to pivot on a dime, fill in resource gaps and always focus on adding more value to our clients. We bring energy, professionalism and an outcome focused mindset to every client engagement.

A PhoenixTeam Practitioner...

What Our Team is Saying

Today, and every day, I am incredibly thankful to work for PhoenixTeam who continues to push me towards my goals, and always encourages me to pursue my passions.

Phoenix is a company that focuses on making the world a better place. Coming to work is meaningful. People care about each other here. Even when the work gets complex or deadlines approach, the leadership is supportive, honest, and is right alongside everyone reaching a goal. Everything has a purpose and you can really feel that at all levels within the company.

PhoenixTeam is the best organization I have ever worked for. Leaders of this organization care about its employees and take an active role in making sure employees are performing to the best of their ability and are afforded opportunities to shine.

I love working here. I am challenged. I provide value. I am seen. I am heard. I am respected. I matter.

Interning for Phoenix has been great! Being treated as an equal by coworkers and knowing that I can get help whenever I need it has been beneficial to my success in the projects I work on. The collective dedication to growth and acquiring new knowledge is incredibly inspiring.

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Phoenix is always looking for Top Tier Technology Talent! If your skillsets span multiple leadership areas or opportunities, we want to learn more about you!

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