PhoenixTeam is continuously I.D.E.A.-ing


Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access, also known as I.D.E.A., are the elements that make up the foundation of who we are at PhoenixTeam. We are all about continuously investing in our team members and their growth and this certainly includes our commitment to I.D.E.A. Just as we do with our client engagements, we leverage our agile mindset on all things I.D.E.A. Through the implementation and continuous delivery of I.D.E.A. initiatives and our commitment to better outcomes for all groups, our team members tell us that they have never worked with an organization who truly practiced the equality they socialized to the public.

Why I.D.E.A.? | Acronym explanation


The intentional effort of ensuring everyone feels a sense of belonging. Inclusion is rooted in respect for others and requires active participation. Diversity does not equal inclusion.


The gamut of the human experience, including but not limited to race, gender identity, sexuality, nationality, religion, and neurodiversity, is represented at the table and in the conversation.


The fair and just treatment of all team members and community. Equity takes effort; you must intentionally assess how everyone is individually treated. It also requires commitment to strategic approaches that ensure equity as the goal.


Everyone has equitable access to job opportunities, promotions, resources, etc. The entire spectrum of the human experience is considered when creating material so there are no roadblocks preventing someone from accessing information.


Dinner, Drinks, and I.D.E.A.s

Once every two months we gather as a team to share, learn, and reflect on the world of inclusion, diversity, equity, and access. We started in October 2020 with Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month and since then we have hosted Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 101, Black History Month, and Recruiting and I.D.E.A. At the end of each workshop, our team members express feelings of growth and self-improvement, validating our hypothesis that diverse people to share experiences and thought is valued and valuable.

Weekly Blogs

Every week our I.D.E.A. team provides a short, thought provoking piece about something in the world of I.D.E.A. For the past few months, we have covered topics such as resume whitening, trigger warnings, seasonal affective disorder, systemic racism, and more. At PhoenixTeam we are constantly being challenged to think deeper about our impact on our teams, our company, and our world.

Cultural Spotlights

Cultural awareness is a critical skill to embody and practice in our industry and world and enables us to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of a variety of different cultures and ethnicities. As a company we have dug deep and explored Native American, Jewish, and Chinese cultures. Our I.D.E.A. roadmap lays out what the future holds for us to continue to explore many other cultures.

Knowledge Network

To be effective leaders in our industry and communities, we must dedicate ourselves to continuous learning at every opportunity. Knowledge has always been the key. Creating an internal network of resources aimed to better equip our team with the tools they need to succeed is one of our best implementations. We include a plethora of readings, TED talks, documentaries, podcasts, and trainings, to ensure everyone has a resource that works best for them. No matter how a team member best absorbs his/her/their information, we are prepared.

Special communities served

Veterans work with VA

The people who serve in our armed forces, and their families, make unbelievable sacrifices for the sake of our country and safety. We feel it is our responsibility to ensure the home buying process is as seamless as possible. In working with government agencies and their goals to enhance the home buying experience, we look at the experience from the Veteran’s perspective and help drive strategies and product outcomes that bring real value to our Veterans.”

Pro Bono work with HBFF

The path to recovery from substance use is long and difficult. Thankfully, organizations like the Hazeldon Betty Ford Foundation (HBFF) are mitigating some of the difficulties. HBFF has focused on making substance use recovery assistance more accessible to everyone. Through its partnership with PhoenixTeam, HBFF has undertaken an LGBTQ+ audit of their facilities to assess their ability to provide adequate care for this community specifically.