Leader of the Year Interview with Jacki Frazer

Jacki Frazer

We recently interviewed Jacki Frazer, Managing Director at PhoenixTeam and the well-deserved recipient of PhoenixTeam’s Leader of the Year Award. Our interview was nothing short of inspiring, and discussed many leadership topics, including her unique philosophy, the importance of team collaboration, her innovative strategies for overcoming leadership challenges.

Some key insights from our interview:

🏆 On Being Named Leader of the Year
Jacki shared her heartfelt feelings about receiving the Leader of the Year award, emphasizing the importance of team effort and collective success.

🌍 Leadership in Jacki’s Eyes
What does leadership mean? Our conversation revealed that for Jacki, leadership is less about authority and more about collaboration, mentorship, and showing growth in others.

🧭 Jacki’s Leadership Philosophy
Jacki shared her belief in collaboration with a focus on coaching. Her approach is a blend of empathy, strategic thinking, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

🚀 Tackling Challenges
Jacki recounted a particularly challenging situation and how she navigated it with grace and determination. The outcome? A stronger team and invaluable lessons in resilience and adaptability.

🌱 Advice for Aspiring Leaders
Jacki emphasized the importance of continuous learning, working closely with their leader or coach for honest feedback. Leadership takes time and effort and a continuous process that pays off over time.

📈 Upcoming Leadership Programs at PhoenixTeam
Finally, Jacki gave us a sneak peek into the exciting leadership community of practice program. This initiative promises to further strengthen the organization’s leadership culture and provide ample growth opportunities for team members.

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