Why Phoenix – Shawn Burke


In this “Why Phoenix” interview featuring Shawn Burke, Managing Practitioner at PhoenixTeam, we explore the dynamic culture of PhoenixTeam. Shawn uncovers what makes our Phoenix Village truly unique — its people, its culture of innovation, and its passion for excellence.

Shawn discusses topics including:
▶️ The dynamic and engaging culture at PhoenixTeam.
▶️ Key milestones and turning points that have shaped his experience with the team.
▶️ Inspiring moments that have stood out during his time with PhoenixTeam.
▶️ His time away from PhoenixTeam and the factors that influenced his decision to rejoin the team.
▶️ What makes PhoenixTeam a special and unique place to work.
▶️ His aspirations and plans for his future with PhoenixTeam.

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