PhoenixTeam Goes Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

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PhoenixTeam’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign is all about supporting the  research, education, and treatment and for breast cancer. Every year in October, companies, families, and individuals around the world gather in the fight against this disease. Breast cancer does not discriminate against age, sex, gender, nationality, or financial status. It can affect anyone at any time, which is why the time to raise awareness, is always! Raising awareness and access to comprehensive care is more important now than ever, as nearly 80% of cancer patients have experienced delays in care due to the COVID-19 pandemic. PhoenixTeam is proud to do our part in using our platform to educate our team members, friends, and family this October. 

How We Are Fighting Breast Cancer 

Step Challenge 

PhoenixTeam is taking multiple approaches to support breast cancer awareness through our step challenge and Pink Wednesdays. Phoenicians are invited and encouraged to walk eight miles a week to honor the one in eight women and one in 833 men who will be diagnosed with chest cancer in their lives. PhoenixTeam is using MoveSpring, a health and activity challenge site for organizations to host physical activities and fundraisers. For every mile a PhoenixTeam member walks, we will donate $1 to the fight against breast cancer. $50 provides someone with a HOPE Kit, filled with comforting items for patients to use during treatment. $150 affords a free mammogram for life-saving early detection. $1000 allows patients the opportunity to attend a metastatic breast cancer retreat. All profits are to be allocated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) 

Pink Wednesdays 

PhoenixTeam understands that throughout the month of October, pink is more than a color– it’s a movement! Our folks are dressing in pink every Wednesday of October and wearing custom pink buttons throughout the month to commemorate the survivors and their loved ones battling the disease. With such high diagnoses rates, chest cancer affects millions and PhoenixTeam is showing support by dressing up, showing up, and speaking up. 

How You Can Join the Fight 

As a woman-owned company, the fight against breast cancer is an effort that we are proud to take part in. You can join us and millions of others through donating, fundraising, or just wearing pink! 

Start with educating yourself and those around you. Read about the disease, what its symptoms look like, and how to identify breast cancer. Understand the factors that make someone high-risk such as genetics and lifestyle. Another sure way to help the cause is to donate. The NBCF created a comprehensive list comparing the top breast cancer charities. This list includes each company’s mission, goals, and where donations are allocated to. Another effort to help the fight against breast cancer is to volunteer. Hospitals, support groups, and organizations are often open to help. The American Cancer Society has a Volunteer Community where you can find opportunities to share your time through one-on-one support, provide cancer patients with transportation to treatment, and raise funds at events. 


  • To learn more about breast cancer, click here 
  • To view organizations to donate to, visit this link. 
  • For instruction on how to perform a breast self-exam for early detection, visit this guide by the NBCF. 
  • provides an outline of potential risk factors for developing breast cancer. 

About PhoenixTeam 

PhoenixTeam is a women-owned small business and full stack technology company that partners with clients to enable homeownership through mortgage technology solutions. PhoenixTeam’s goal is to improve the home purchase experience for borrowers and help financial institutions, technology providers, and government agencies achieve their desired outcomes. PhoenixTeam specializes in serving federal housing agencies and the mortgage industry, helping deliver better business solutions through technology implementation excellence.