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Focused on continuous learning and development. The Phoenix Way.

We believe in F.A.C.T.s (Facilitation, Advising, Coaching and Training) and our experts leverage creative techniques to transform unproductive and ineffective practices into high-value, motivating and collaborative interactions and learning. We apply our decades of complex, organizational transformation expertise to turn command and control organizations into organizations with intrinsically motivated teams who are empowered to continuously generate value. Teams with purpose, joy, and inspiration are intrinsically motivated and showcase hidden talents. Our team of F.A.C.T. experts focus on bringing purpose, joy and inspiration to organizations seeking to establish a continuous learning environment. Whether the effort involves transforming ineffective meetings into purposeful meetings with documented outcomes and actions, customizing and blending processes for greater value delivery, or cultivating and integrating the factors that unlock the intrinsic motivation within your talent, we are up for the challenge. It is a F.A.C.T. that our team can:

  • Facilitate for more valuable outcomes
  • Advise leaders on how to rally their organization around value and create a continuous learning environment
  • Coach individuals and teams to adopt and blend Lean-Agile frameworks while dialing in on value
  • Train individuals and teams to embrace continuous improvement while discovering and delivering value more efficiently
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U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

When VA Loan Guaranty needed a trusted partner to modernize their loan servicing oversight system (VALERI-R), they relied on us to plan, design, develop and deliver 508 compliant, custom curriculum to thousands of servicing partners and over 350 VA employees. In addition to the Virtual Instructor Led training through Adobe Connect, we partnered with the VA’s leadership team to record a series of 10 training modules to ensure new VALERI users had immediate access to critical training. This online training was supplemented with user access to a Salesforce sandbox where users were given hands-on exercises to reinforce the tutorial based training. Finally, we utilized Salesforce Knowledge to create a fully online User Guide which contains hundreds of Knowledge articles for VA and Servicer users. This training was instrumental in successfully releasing VALERI-R to production in 2019.

Our Impact:


VA Employee Users


Servicer Users


Knowledge Articles


Hours of Training Delivered

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

A major factor that differentiates Phoenix from other consulting firms is our determination to make sure our clients have the training and learning materials to support their initiatives. It was imperative that we provide the USDA with this knowledge support during its Salesforce Community and Government Cloud implementation. We provided fully customized training curriculum that is now required training for all USDA employees and their loan origination partners. Using Camtasia, we developed 15 Lender and 6 Employee training tutorials which included a knowledge check and certficiate of completion. Each tutorial was closed captioned and fully 508 Accessibility compliant. The training was written, recorded and released in less than 60 days, including client and 508 review. Our ability to deliver large volume, high quality training is a superpower for our training team and we were thrilled to be able to share our passion for learning with the USDA and their partners.

Our Impact:


Custom Training Modules


Design to Release in less than days


Hours of Content


Closed Captioned and Fully Compliant

Top Mortgage Lender & Servicer

When a top Mortgage company sought training on how to deliver value at scale, with a focus on Product Management best practices and thinking, they trusted us with the task. With our experience in the software implementation and mortgage industry, we customized our commercial Scaled Value Delivery workshop to meet the client’s specific needs. This interactive, four-day workshop brought together participants with different skillsets through hands-on experiential learning. With a focus on realizing business value, we educate participants on how to design and communicate a vision, collaborate with team members across business, product and technology, and ultimately, successfully deliver value with little waste. We took the very best of product management, software delivery, Agile, SAFe, and change management to create and deliver what one participant called “hands down, the absolute BEST training I have received in 15 years.”

Our Impact:

~ 300

People Trained


Workshops Delivered


Weeks from Onsite to Virtual



Top Mortgage Lender & Servicer

A top mortgage lender was struggling with identifying, aligning, and delivering continuous, incremental value. With the goal of helping trains and team of teams align on various technical approaches and value delivery, Phoenix implemented a Scaled Value Delivery Community of Practice, cementing the value at scale concepts. We helped teams put these techniques into practice by creating and following experiments and deep diving into specific topics of facilitation, product management, and Lean-Thinking. We facilitated feature writing workshops for Product teams, enhancing skills around refinement, and identifying and mitigating waste. Leveraging the learnings and feedback from training and coaching over the course of a year, our team developed a comprehensive year-in-review analysis of the organization’s value delivery and path towards continuous improvement.

Our Impact:

Better alignment

Increased Throughput

Faster hypothesis validation

Stronger collaboration

Improved product mindset

PhoenixTeam’s Scaled Value Delivery Training gave us a guide that fostered collaboration, objective outcomes, and diversity thoughts.