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When it comes to analytics leadership, we focus on three things … people, process, and technology! These three provide our clients with actionable data to better serve their customers. We take a holistic approach to data analytics, allowing the data to lead us to the value. We collect, clean, and catalog data with an aggregate of cloud technologies and use them to provide a valuable digital return on investment while also improving the health of existing data frameworks. Our analytics team members deliver valuable insight by effectively communicating with the right people, utilizing holistic data analytics, and providing the best technology automation possible.

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U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA)

The Veterans Administration Loan Guaranty (LGY) team needed to centrally collect, store and report on longitudinal loan data to better understand industry and borrower demographics. This deeper understanding of loan data enables more data driven decisions to service veterans with more with a higher degree of analytical confidence. LGY engaged with Phoenix Team as a supplemental workstream to an existing contract for modernizing their Loan Management system. As industry leaders, Through collaboration with partners, PhoenixTeam helped strategize and implement the needed architecture, infrastructure, integration and software to deliver the outcome. We designed and built an Oracle-based data warehouse that receives, transforms and stores data from multiple loan systems into a single source of truth at a single point in time. Our practitioners drove requirement calls and helped LGY business to shape data needs into actual software requirements for both modeling of data and front end visuals through Microsoft Power BI Dashboard tool. Utilizing and implementing both Agile and SAFe best practices through iterative development and requirement cycles, Phoenix produced over 30 Dashboards that focus on Lender and Servicer Performance, Serial Refinancing of loans and the actual and expected impact of the COVID-19 virus.

Our Impact:


LGY is now able to collect and store over 800 data points for over loans on a monthly basis for time based analysis.


LGY leadership is able to view over Dashboards to proactively identify industry and borrower trends.

LGY now has a data warehouse that integrates with multiple applications.

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA)

LGY sought our analytics support to gain automated access to end-to-end insights around their program. Given the highly manual loan file review process, only a small subset of closed loans could be reviewed at any given time. PhoenixTeam and our industry partners delivered a pilot initiative to enable API integration with lenders, collect transform and store closing data, execute both business and system rules, provide exception alerts, and build prototype of Dashboard using Microsoft Power BI. We facilitated and led discussions between several companies and divisions within the VA to engage with lenders and LOS systems, provide SAFe and Agile best practices for SDLC, provide industry standards and uncover requirements with business leaders to deliver a pilot system. This pilot enabled future work to automate the UCD file exchange between the VA and their lending community and provide analytical insights.

Our Impact:

LGY has the ability to integrate with their lending community to exchange and store Mismo standard UCD data.


LGY has initial logic for over rules to check for completeness and quality of data submitted

LGY has beta dashboard to analyze for trends by lender or geography

PhoenixTeam’s LGY-A team scrum master, has been with us for quite a bit of time. Because he’s been so solid for so long, we’ve grown accustomed to his level of awesome as ‘just the usual level of performance’. But I don’t want us to get stuck in that mindset… what he is doing on a day to day is above and beyond ‘regular performance’. His ‘regular’ effort is far above excellent.  What is more, he’s perpetually adding value above and beyond being a ‘regular’ scrum master.