Time is of the essence. We deliver better mortgage technology outcomes.

We are mortgage technology and process consultants who believe timing is everything when it comes to driving successful outcomes.

Do your teams have a sense of urgency? Are they working on the right things? Do you know what their capacity is? Do you know if your projects are truly on schedule? Are you able to use past performance to predict future results? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you need PhoenixTeam.

Customers turn to us when they have…


Too Many Projects

  • Recent rapid growth created a very long list of initiatives
  • Need realistic execution plan
  • Need to do more than just regulatory changes

Lack of Focus

  • Insufficient experience managing projects and products
  • Need help with prioritization and delivery
  • Learning how to scale capabilities

Insufficient Capacity

  • Part-time people assigned to full-time problems
  • Scarce delivery talent spread too thinly
  • Diluted ability to get things done and delivery risk

Unexpected Complications

  • Achieving mortgage digitization takes more process change than anticipated
  • Lack of change management expertise makes it difficult to design the right business environment

Insufficient Expertise

  • Missing the right skill sets, lack of mortgage technology delivery expertise
  • Need experienced practitioners who know mortgage, technology, and delivery, which is rare

The Phoenix Practitioner has many tools is the tool for every problem.

Our team members have a rare combination of expertise and management ability. Our courage, confidence, and creativity distinguish us from other consultants.

We will help you find the right path to your goal. We deliver outcomes.

What We Do

Business Process Engineering

  • Analyze current state
  • Determine customer needs
  • Envision the target state
  • Incorporate best practices
  • Adapt new technology

Agile Project & Product Management

  • Hands-on planning
  • Problem resolution
  • Launch support
  • Full lifecycle product guidance

Solution Design & Implementation

  • Build and lead functional solution teams
  • Understand customer requirements
  • Collaborate with development teams
  • Validate software quality
  • Create outcomes focused on customer value

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

  • Data management & analytics strategy
  • Solution architecture design
  • Build & deploy services
  • Advanced analytics & automation

Values Driven

“Living our values isn’t something we just talk about. It makes us different. It is at the core of our culture, and it emerged from all of our past experiences – good and bad.”

— Tanya Brennan, President, PhoenixTeam

Our Intensity Meter

We do whatever it takes to get you to your destination. We always bring our “A game.” We call it “The Phoenix Grit,” and it’s key to who we are and who we hire.

What Our Clients Say

“Phoenix has been fantastic to work with. They approach complex situations from a very pragmatic perspective, infusing insight and thoughtfulness into tangible and actionable programs. I worked with them on a solution to infuse leading agile practices into a progressive federal IT organization. Their team worked hand-in-hand with our team in crafting an agile coaching solution that can be used as a model for years to come. I found Tela and her team to be especially professional, thorough, and focused on solving a very complex problem.” Dave Potts

Principal, NorthHighland Worldwide Consulting

“They are the best capture managers I have ever worked with. When I needed a force multiplier to move the capture effort forward for a major federal opportunity, I brought Phoenix in because I knew they would deliver. Phoenix created a capture plan, used an agile management approach to keep us and our teaming partners on task, and collaborated with our subject matter experts to develop an innovative technical solution. They were the engine that kept us moving forward, while also keeping us focused on the customer’s needs.” Blake Nelson

Vice President, BeaconAssociates Inc.

“For over three years, Phoenix has worked side-by-side with my team to launch new products, implement technology solutions, onboard new clients and strategic partners, and improve our solution delivery process. For one of the new products launched recently, Phoenix defined the essential product features and fiercely managed the scope and delivery approach, delivering the product within 90 days. I was surprised at how quickly Phoenix completely merged with my team and engaged with my leaders and our culture. I trust Phoenix completely to deliver tough projects on tight timelines.” Dominic Iannitti

CEO and Founder, DocMagic, Inc.

Clients & Partners

We can help you succeed in the new era of

Digital Mortgages.

Are you ready?

The mortgage industry is changing rapidly. Many public and private lending entities are trying to digitize front-end operations, taking an early lead in the eLending space. Market readiness makes this difficult, yet the emerging buyer makes it mandatory. We are helping our clients position themselves for a new era of digital lending by overcoming these common challenges:

So Many Products, So Few Solutions

Every mortgage technology provider has multiple “e” products, with their products at the center of the universe.


Chaotic Adoption

Total mortgage digitization requires all mortgage partners to adopt electronic processing.

Millennial & Digital Native Buyers

Millennials are buying houses, with digital natives right on their heels. They demand a total mobile experience with decisions in seconds.

Early Market Leaders, Big Costs

Although still in early maturity, digital mortgage leaders have made big investments early. How to compete?

Recent Insights

The Phoenix Theory of Everything

We have developed a Theory of Everything that helps describe why projects and organizations fail to meet their goals. And at least one of these three key gaps is probably threatening your in-flight technology projects right now.

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