PhoenixTeam shows up strong at the MISMO Fall 2021 Summit

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PhoenixTeam attended The Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO) Fall Summit in Washington, DC, from Monday, September 20 to Friday, September 24, 2021. PhoenixTeam is MISMO Bootcamp Certified and is honored to facilitate 17 of 35 working group sessions. During these sessions, the company is able to decode new industry insights to empower and enable mortgage professionals. 

Three PhoenixTeam Practitioners, Tawanna Wagner, Practitioner, Jessica Dennis, Senior Practitioner, and Becky Griswold, Senior Managing Practitioner, lead the charge and facilitate the sessions in Phoenix style.  With over 60+ years of combined history in mortgage technology services, Tawanna, Jessi, and Becky drive these groups with in-depth, hands-on experience. They dynamically drive the workgroups to develop strategies and partner with volunteers to bring visions to life. 

PhoenixTeam proudly facilitates the following: 

  • Title & Closing CoP informs industry professionals on how to manage data elements needed to order, update, or cancel title services from a title insurance company. 
  • Mortgage Insurance CoP teaches practitioners to develop data specifications and mapping guidance. 
  • Fee Collaboration DWG instructs mortgage experts on how to develop and promote application fee names and definitions for universal understanding. 
  • Credit Reporting CoP focuses on the data elements that request, track, and cancel credit reports in mortgage lending.
  • Loan Application Data Exchange DWG explains the business-to-business exchanges that reflect data in the Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA). 
  • Private Label DWG documents the development of a standardized mortgage asset dataset for residential mortgages.
  • Business Reference Model CoP helps mortgage professionals to develop a business practice model for events throughout the loan process.
  • Property & Valuation CoP analyzes property reporting through valuation services and collateral risk assessment. 
  • AWG Brown Bag covers the development of the Uniform Mortgage Data Program (UMDP) loan application with industry professionals.
  • MISMO 4.0 Next Gen DWG, addresses the new MISMO Reference Model and new challenges in the industry and technology.
  • Closing Instructions DWG, creates standardized closing instructions for lenders and closing agents.
  • Architecture Work Group reflects on the viability and best practices for using Metadata.
  • Origination CoP looks at the origination lifecycle and process of application, underwriting, and closing with MISMO attendees.
  • Mortgage Insurance CoP develops data specifications and mapping for mortgage insurance.
  • Servicing Transfers DWG shares the practice behind building a cost-effective base process.
  • Business Glossary DWG informs participants of vital mortgage industry language using the MISMO Business Glossary.

PhoenixTeam members Aloise Schmitt, Practitioner; Gary Klein, Senior Business & Systems Configuration Analyst; and Paul Weakley, Partner and Solutions Architect, participate in additional key work groups.


MISMO, a non-profit of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), serves as a channel of information for companies in the mortgage industry with over 175 member organizations including mortgage lenders, banks, and credit unions. 

About PhoenixTeam

PhoenixTeam is a women-owned small business and full stack technology company that partners with clients to enable homeownership through mortgage technology solutions. PhoenixTeam’s goal is to improve the home purchase experience for borrowers and help financial institutions, technology providers, and government agencies achieve their desired outcomes. PhoenixTeam specializes in serving federal housing agencies and the mortgage industry, helping deliver better business solutions through technology implementation excellence. 

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